Beat a Traffic Ticket in Wisconsin

When you get a traffic ticket in Wisconsin, you may wonder how you are going to afford to pay the fines.  In Wisconsin, however, you have the choice of paying your fine and pleading guilty, or pleading not guilty and fighting the ticket in court.  You will want to weigh your options carefully before you decide how best to proceed.

Paying the Fine

When you
pay your traffic ticket, you are admitting to your guilt.  You will have to pay the fine and you will lose the option to plea bargain for lesser penalties.  You will also have points assigned to your driving record, which could eventually lead to the suspension or revocation of your license.  You could even see an increase in your auto insurance rates, which could last for several years.  While paying your speeding ticket fines might initially seem like the easiest option, you need to consider all of the possible consequences before you move forward with your decision.

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Fighting the Ticket

If you want to contest your ticket in court, you need to think about whether you want to represent yourself or hire an attorney.  Attorneys cost a significant amount of money, but you will be more likely to win your case with the help of a professional traffic lawyer.  If you are found not guilty at the end of your trial, you will not have to pay the fines on the ticket, but you will still have to pay the court fees and any fees charged by your attorney, if you chose to hire one. If you are found to be guilty, though, you will be on the hook for the original fine as well as additional court and lawyer fees.

When you challenge your Wisconsin speeding ticket you are exercising your right to a fair trial and will hopefully have the charges dismissed or at least reduced. If the court rules in your favor, you might see the fines and penalties dismissed completely. Whatever you do, you will want to avoid arrest and licensure suspension by showing up on time to court on the right day.  If you ignore your court date or your ticket altogether, your driving privilege will be suspended and there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.  You may also be charged up to 12% interest on your fines and the state can even seize your tax refunds.  If you fail to pay your fine on time, your case will be referred to a collection agency and the court could even enter a civil judgment against you, which could place a lien against your real estate and other assets.

The most important thing to remember when you receive a traffic ticket in Wisconsin is that you have to respond to the ticket within the specified time period.  Whether you decide to pay the fine or fight the ticket, the court needs to hear from you in a timely manner.

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