Florida Speeding Ticket

What to Expect When You Receive a Traffic Ticket in Florida

When you are in the state of Florida, if you are stopped and issued a traffic ticket, you have two general options.  You can either plead not guilty within a certain specified amount of time, or you can plead no contest or guilty.  Some counties allow you only 30 days to enter you plea while others give you up to 90 days. 

Beat a Speeding Ticket in Florida

If you get a speeding ticket in Florida and you feel you were treated unfairly during the citation process, you may feel like you should fight the ticket in court.  There are many ways to fight your speeding ticket, but there are many things you could do wrong as well.

Florida Speeding Ticket Fines & Penalties

When you get a speeding ticket in Florida, you might initially wonder how you should go about resolving the ticket.  Not only will you need to know what to do next, but you might also want to know how the state decides upon the fine that you are being asked to pay.

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