Montana Speeding Ticket Fines & Penalties

When you are caught speeding in Montana, you might wonder about how much your speeding ticket will end up costing you.  Ticket fines in Montana are uniform across the state so you will owe the same amount no matter where in the state you are pulled over.  In Montana, the Supreme Court Bond Schedule makes recommendations as to what the fines should be for each particular violation.  They also set the minimum and maximum allowed fines.  The fine you are charged should be written on your ticket, but if you have any questions at all you should contact the court that is listed on your citation.

Other Charges

Though the fines themselves sound bad enough, most traffic violations in Montana also have surcharges attached to them.  You will automatically be required to pay a $35 surcharge in addition to your regular fine.  These charges are used to pay for state and county programs throughout Montana.

The other charge you might have to face is one of an increase of your auto insurance rates.  Since your insurance company has access to your driving record, they will likely find out if you are caught and ticketed for speeding.  You can check with your company and see how much your rates will go up so you can shop around for a new policy if you cannot afford the rate hike.


The penalties that you might receive other than fines and fees are rather strict as well.  The penalties, like the fines, are also uniform across the state.  Every city and county will assign you the same number of points for the same violation.  However, there are some variables that come into play such as the type of license you hold and the overall status of your driving record.

The point system in Montana assigns points to your driving record ranging from 1-15 depending on your violation. The more serious your violation, the more points you receive. For example, the faster you were going when you are caught speeding, the more points you will receive as a punishment.   If you get 30 points within three years, you will be known as a Habitual Offender and your license will likely be revoked for three years.


Whenever you receive a speeding ticket, it is always a good idea to check your driving record to see how many points were assigned to you.  You should keep an eye on your record to be sure that the points in question disappear after the appropriate amount of time has passed.  Since your insurance rates will not go back down until those points are cleared from your record, you will want to make sure they disappear when they are supposed to.

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